Friends are good

Friends are good.

A couple weeks ago at hockey, I mentioned to my friend that I needed to dig a 200ft drainage ditch on the west side of our property to channel the sub-surface water from next door out to the road. As it happens, my buddy had access to an excavator so we arranged the drop off for this past weekend. What a time saver!

Not only did I get the drainage ditch dug, I cleaned up my dirt screening area out back, I scraped an area where I might build a pig-pen this winter and I dug a shallow trench around the front parking lot into which I am going to plant a hedge of sorts. I had about 10 hours seat time on the excavator which I figure would be about one-tenth of the time it would have taken me to complete these jobs by hand. I’m all for reducing my carbon footprint but sometimes technology can be a great thing.

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One thought on “Friends are good

  1. kary

    boys and their toys!!!

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