My first turkey

Although I really like cooking and have experimented with many ethnic dishes, I’ve never cooked a turkey – that is until this Thanksgiving! Today we had Mum & Dad; Tim, Andi & kids; Jean & Ron; Steve & Pauline and Tom over for a bit of a feast. Another experiment I tried at this meal was to bake cornbread. It actually turned out quite good – yellow and sweet! My turkey was about 15 lbs so he was a fairly good size. Josée did yeoman’s duty getting the house looking nice while I experimented with stuffing mixtures and cheese sauces. Thanks to Mum for her help with a few things too.

Upon taking the beast out of the oven, I had visions of National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation in my mind – a beautifully cooked bird that explodes in a huff of roast dryness. Here’s the scene if you want a quick laugh:

I enjoyed the dinner and I think most everyone else did – at least they were polite about it! I was really happy with how the turkey tasted. Overall, the evening was a success; anyway, it was more about getting together for a visit than the successful roasting of my first turkey!

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