Sunday, bloody Sunday…

We murdered our roosters today. The process was interesting but a little tough. Josée found a friendly guy named Vincent to come over and show us how do process the roosters. In return, he wanted the capes (the neck feathers) off each rooster as they are apparently great for tying flies. The first step was that we had to literally wring the neck of the rooster. This was by far the most disturbing part of things – Vincent had a bit o’ trouble with the first rooster as his murder talents were rusty but he quickly improved on the 2nd and 3rd bird.

Once the roosters were dead, we hung them up on a nail and allowed them to drip dry. This process took about five to ten minutes. We then had to dip each bird in boiling water for about 30 seconds. This slightly melts the fat under their skin, allowing for relatively easy removal of their feathers. Vincent was impressed with our birds, saying they were in very good shape with no ticks or lice under their feathers. Feathers off, we then allowed Vincent to delicately remove the capes which he set aside.

We then had to gut the birds. I was surprised that I didn’t mind this part either – I guess I was used to seeing poultry in this state. Josée had to get most of the guts out as I couldn’t fit my hand inside the rooster. We decided to burn the awful offal so the dogs wouldn’t try to get it. We learned that roosters are generally a little tough when it comes to eating so I think we will probably end up using them in the soup pot.

Although the experience was good and we both learned quite a bit, we both agreed that we will probably have to get someone to process our meat birds when we get them. It took us 2 hours to process three roosters – we don’t fancy spending an entire weekend doing meat birds. Outsource, outsource!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday, bloody Sunday…

  1. Sophie Gailloux

    Ouin ben Joe, la campagne est en toi! T’es vraiement bonne de faire ça.

    Je trouve ça “cool” votre blog. Tu pourras traduire à Ben.

  2. Sam

    Hey guys, cool blog!

    My sis and her husband are doing the chicken thing too. After committing a few murders of their own they found a guy nearby who will do them for cheap. I think it was like $2 a bird. It’s quick, saves the mess and you actually don’t have to wait a month before you can stomach eating chicken again. 🙂 hahaha

    • Agreed…Josée cooked one that night and there was no way I was going to eat it…only a short while before I was capturing it from the chicken coop.

  3. Josée

    Well, it wasn’t easy and I am not sure I could go through the “killing” part but the rest of it from plucking to cleaning, cutting and packing, I think I did pretty good.

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