Harvest recap

Well, our first year with the veggie garden was a big success. We harvested lots of beets, beans, onions, radishes, zucchini, squash, corn and carrots. Our raspberries had a decent yield, given that it was their first year and we had a massive harvest of apples, pears and grapes. Next year we should see our Kiwi come in a bit and our plum trees should begin to produce. We had some volunteer plants such as kale and rhubarb so we’ll have to learn how to manage those ready for next year. In our 2010 garden, I think we’re going to plant a bigger corn patch as well as add potatoes into the mix.

Our pumpkins need a bit of work – I don’t think I fed them properly. I just read an article about growing pumpkins in a compost bit so perhaps I will do that next year. We might do a pumpkin patch for my clients next fall but it depends on how they grow!

I think the biggest thing we learned this year is about spacing. Although we tried to follow some guidelines, the rich soil and nearly endless sunshine led to a veritable jungle in the garden – a nice problem to have, I suppose. Hopefully I’ll get my greenhouse done this winter so that Josée and I can get a few things on the go early in the year plus try our hand at a few exotics. Pineapple anyone?

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One thought on “Harvest recap

  1. Dad

    Ben, what a great start on your blog. It was super to read. I loved the inclusion of the Griswold’s Christmas turkey. Perfect! I look for ward to reading lots more about the adventures at Knight Rd. Regarding the chicken massacre, it can only get better,
    Love Dad.

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