Thanks for the memories

DSCN0112This afternoon at Aspen School, Josée and I attended Bill Ross’s memorial. It was a good event as far as memorials go; lots of good stories, a slide show and a good show of support for Jo, Andi, Robby and the rest of the family. Several people did short anecdotal speeches; Tim wound things up with a very thoughtful speech. While it was obviously emotional, there were some funny moments as well – comments that Bill would have appreciated for sure.

Bill was my homeroom teacher through grades 7-9 at Robb Road Jr. Secondary. I have many fond memories of him. He touched a lot of people in the Valley with his quick whit and great sense of humour and we’ll all miss him. Here is his memorial from the local paper.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories

  1. kary

    Very sad loss. Lawry said Bill was his favorite teacher. My thoughts are with his family.

  2. Dad

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for this. I went to the Record after finding the obit was a little small to read. Thanks for prompting us to it. Soon on the road to meet Jand A.
    Love to you and keep up the good job on unplugged at Knight Rd.

  3. Dad

    Hi Ben,
    The link works!! Couldn’t read the obit. It was too small but will see it when we get home. Thanks for the update though. I’m glad everything went as well as possible.
    Blessings Mum

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