Whalers victorious in Hardy

Josee was away this weekend as her hockey team ventured to Pt. Hardy for a big hockey tourney.  Both the full and part-time teams traveled to the tourney and on the Saturday night gathered for a big party the theme of which was ‘Jailhouse Wedding’.  Needless to say, the Whalers arrived in their striped PJs, carting their ball-and-chains!

The Whalers had two teams entered in the tournament with the full-time players playing under the Whalers name and the part-time players under the Orcas name. Both team had a very successful tournament, playing and winning both their games on Friday night. The winning streak continued on Saturday for the Whalers with two more wins while the Orcas split their games with one win and one loss. After the round robin play, the Whalers and the Orcas were seeded first and second therefore lining up against each other for the final which took place Sunday at noon.  Both rosters were suffering from injuries and sickness but the game ended a cleanly fought affair, with great plays coming from both teams. The Whalers came up on top with a 3-1 victory. Congratulations to all!

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3 thoughts on “Whalers victorious in Hardy

  1. Tera

    Third line…I think she could make the first line. And I’m pretty sure it might have been two over her one drink limit.

  2. kary

    And that would be 1 pink girly drink to boot!!!

  3. Thanks for the update Ben. Good to read that Josée returned intact and only slightly hung over after consuming one over her limit of one drink. Did she score, and have the Canucks approached her yet for their third line?

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