First of the 500

Well, today is the day Josée commenced her 500km bike trip to raise funds for some homeless shelters in Vancouver while at the same time boosting the profile of the Francophone school district in British Columbia.  At 5:30am, the group, comprised of teachers, chaperones and children, was on the road to Whistler for an 8:00am presentation, after which they saddled up, commencing their ride mid-morning.  There was some snow on the road and the temperature was -2°C but she said the conditions were decent for riding; all the gear she accumulated stood her in good stead, especially during the cold weather section of the ride.  The group rode 50km today and completed their ride before dark, arriving in Squamish around 3:00pm upon which they had a swim followed by dinner at the new private school in Squamish, Quest University.  Stay tuned for further updates – she’s 1/10th of the way through the ride!

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One thought on “First of the 500

  1. Good update Ben. I look forward to reading more. By the way, I managed to find a way to do the ‘subscribe’ thing on Blogger. it now appears at the bottom of the posts on the first page.

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