Southbound on the Sea to Sky

IMG_2971It is raining like crazy. We had breakfast at the college before riding off to the local Squamish school where we did our morning presentation. Our riding started with a huge hill, several kilometres long that took us almost an hour and a half to climb. By the time we reached the school, we were all soaked and cold – we hadn’t even started our ride for the day yet. I am enjoying myself but some of the kids are struggling; they were just not prepared for the distances and the weather.

IMG_2992Our ride took us to North Vancouver – we covered 85km total distance today. We were still riding on the Horseshoe Bay highway at 6:30pm. The traffic was nuts and we couldn’t see anything due to the dark. I was so stressed out and scared – we were supposed to be off the road by 4pm. After the morning rain, the rest of the day was good – great views and sunny. I am so tired though. It takes a lot out of you to stop and go all the time. I’ve already had one flat and I had to change my front brake pads.

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2 thoughts on “Southbound on the Sea to Sky

  1. Tera

    Good job Josee, Keep up the good work. Just think of all those lovely times we had practices in the rain, sprinting our butts off for a stupid soccer ball. You can do it!

  2. Josée….you are amazing! I wish you well for the remainder of the trip. Hopefully you will soon be done and safe. If I ever want to go on a bike ride, remind me not to go with you. You are too tough! All the best and stay safe.

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