Cruisin’ the mainland

We’re on our 6th day of riding and we managed to survive the hurricane winds and sheets of rain over the last couple days. Today was a crazy day. A looooong day, a windy nutty day and a WET day! We were very wet and cold at times. We had three kids fly off their bikes from the wind (no injuries and lots of laughs). It was a huge challenge to ride as the road we used kept winding around so we sometime had the wind right, left, front…we had to protect each other. Over all, the kids really enjoyed the wind. At one point, we stopped at a farm and the farmer let us use his barn to have lunch. Cooold!

Then when we started again around 1h30, the rain came on and on. We were soaked. We had another asthma attack, a couple flat tires and many other stops which makes it hard and colder for everyone. We ended our treck in Langley after 70km.

Yesterday, we were riding in the Chilliwack area which I really liked, with its many farms and nice, flat riding. I was frozen after the first thirty minutes. My knees are hanging in there today. It was a shorter day, 42 km but as hard as yesterday due to the weather. Tomorrow is a longer day and they call for 40-50km winds and 80-100mm of rain. FUN! Not sure if my gloves will even be dry but I am loving my Gortex jacket!

I barely slept last night. My left wrist had a fit. It went numb (as usual) but this time I couldn’t get it back to normal. I got up, stretched, moved around and just couldn’t do anything – must be all the riding. Not so cool. I will take some Advil before bed tonight and see if it will help. I had my braces on too so it was a weird experience.

Well, that is the report for now; we’ve got another few days left so I’m sure I’ll have some more to write.

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2 thoughts on “Cruisin’ the mainland

  1. Cynthia

    We are talking to the man upstairs about you. Be well and hang in there. This is going to be some accomplishment. Love C

  2. Josée, you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank God for Goretex huh! Look after yourself and the kids and don’t forget to oil the hinges on your braces or they’ll seize up and then where will you be? Probably still out somewhere near Chilliwack! Safe ride tomorrow and God bless.

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