And I would ride 500 miles…

Well, we made it. Finished, completed, done! My total mileage for the trip was 530, most of which was completed during windy, rainy conditions. Over the last two days, we rode around the Tsawwassen area, back to North Vancouver and to our final destination La Boussole (French homeless centre) on Broadway in Vancouver. We did more school presentations and wrapped things up Friday around 14h00.

I personally felt pretty good throughout the trip. My summer training paid off and my mental strength came in handy. Thanks to all the training I did while I played soccer. It wasn’t until the last couple of days that I was truly challenged. Some of the students worked hard but just couldn’t keep up at the end when we had to climb hills. If anyone knows me on my bike, I kind of like climbing and going up a hill as fast as I can. Well, as I said, some of the kids were just exhausted. Our schedule for the last two days was pretty tight. We had to do short distances from one school to the next which was good but the time we had was very limited. Each school is scheduled for a presentation from the our students so we cannot be late. Well, I had to learn how to push people uphill while staying on my bike and riding with one hand…up hill! I did say I love climbing and still do but boy, that was a challenge and a half. Talk about burning legs. It was a great way for me to end the trip. Now I am definitely proud of myself!

I made it home eventually on Friday night at 5h30pm and took off right away with Ben to go play hockey. I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I did. I must be a lot fitter than I think. I was happy to sleep in my own bed (in a bed!). I couldn’t believe how I felt when I got up the next morning. I looked outside and asked myself ” maybe I should go for a ride?”…now i know for sure I am hooked!

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