Wood shed – phase 1

Site prep

Diggin' holes

Roughin' out the deck

As usual, my “to-do” list grows at a much faster rate than my “done” list.  Point in case is my woodshed.  I meant to work on this last fall but was side-tracked with my 75 metre drainage project.  Anyway, better late than never.  I cleaned out an area with Bob and set to work digging holes into which I’ll set footings and uprights.  I’ve measured, cut and laid out the deck of the shed – it’s 16×8 and should store 6 to 6.5 cords of wood once complete.

Slightly to the north of this shed, I’m going to have a small vineyard, starting with our existing massive grape vine but adding a few others as well.  To keep a ready supply of water for those hot summer days, I’m going to attempt to capture the rainwater off the roof of the woodshed and store it, ready for the grapes should they need a quick drink.  More on this to follow.

It’ll be nice when we get a bit more light at the end of the day as it is hard to get anything done after work.  I hope to finish much of this phase over the coming weekend.  Then it’s on to phase two – makin’ it stand up!

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One thought on “Wood shed – phase 1

  1. Hi Ben,
    Nice post…no, not the one in the picture but on the blog! You are a dark horse. I didn’t know you were into this project now, but it’s good to see you going at it. Bob is proving his worth, that’s for sure. When you get to erect the sides, shout if you need a hand to hold the post while you hammer or screw the sides.
    Keep up the good work.

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