Our Olympic experience

Like many we know, we’ve been watching the Olympics over the last couple weeks and must admit we’ve become addicted!!  Most of our viewing has been online; it’s been great to have streaming video with a variety of viewing options and we can watch wherever there is a connection.  We spent Friday and Saturday in Vancouver, soaking in some of the atmosphere.  I can safely say that anyone who was a nay-sayer would have been converted by a few hours strolling Robson and Granville.  The patriotism was palpable, a veritable see of red and white, with the odd Swedish hockey jersery or Russian team jacket.  We saw various athletes just ambling along, easily identified by their brightly coloured uniforms.  Several blocks of Robson and Granville were closed to traffic, creating a massive pedestrian mall which was heavily trafficked.

Friday night we tried to find a place to watch the hockey game but were denied!  We tried multiple restaurants, bars and sports grills but each one was bursting at the doors so, as it started to drizzle and game time rapidly approached, we decided to head to our friend’s house to watch the game!  Saturday, we spent the day soaking up the Olympic atmosphere, visiting the Olympic cauldron to see the flame, Robson Square to see the zip line and outdoor ice rink and just the thousands upon thousands of people who wandered the streets.

It really made us proud that BC was able to put on such a great event, safely and professionally.  We were able to showcase our city, province and country and thousands of visitors plus millions more on TV and the internet were able to see what a great place we have and how nice we are!  Our athletes were amazing and did us proud!  Way to go Canada!

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One thought on “Our Olympic experience

  1. Thanks for sharing your Olympic experience with us Ben. Even sitting at home, watching the games unfold on the TV, it was wonderful to be caught up in the spirit. It was great to see the release of patriotism. I have long thought we need to be a little bit more like our neighbours south of the 49th parallel and wave our flag a bit more vehemently. The Vancouver Olympics sure allowed us to do that. As you said, way to go Vancouver…way to go Canada!

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