Box seats – my annual Canucks trip

Last night I was in Vancouver, watching the Senators get pounded 5-1 by the Canucks.  It was a great game and the private box we were in was lots of fun – it sure is nice to be able to stretch my legs during the game!  There was a really nice tribute to all the Olympians done prior to the game.  Luongo and Kesler got the biggest cheers although Alfredsson on the Senators got one as well.  The private box had lots of chilis plus appetizers which again made for a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Canucks tickets in general are not cheap but I must admit that springing for a game once or twice a year is pretty fun; they put on a good show and there is nothing like seeing hockey live – so fast and so much talent!

Now, due to an internet glitch (read – Ben clicked the wrong button) Josée and I are off to another game next weekend when Detroit comes to town.  Originally, I booked the tickets for a game in October as Josée had a workshop in Vancouver so our hotel and transport were covered.  I got the tix for a steal but when they arrived, the date was 20 Mar 10 – no wonder they were cheap!  Oh well, at least we’re going I guess!

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One thought on “Box seats – my annual Canucks trip

  1. Well good on you Ben for making the most of your chance to see the Canucks. They sure played well against the Sens as they did against the Flames. I just wish they wouldn’t go to sleep when they have a lead and try to defend it. I’d like to see them offensively all the time, lead or otherwise. However, that’s just me. It’s also probably why Alain V. has relegated me to sharpening skates instead of suiting up for the fifth line.
    great post Ben. The game against the Redwings should be good. They are the team I enjoy watching most (after the Canucks) for the way they control the puck. Have fun.

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