Woodshed – Phase IV

Last weekend, having spent several weeks engrossed in the Olympics, traveling to see the Canucks play Ottawa and Detroit and dodging the odd monsoon, I decided that I needed to get stuck back into the woodshed project.  There wasn’t that much to do but it just seemed like a few weeks flew by with me spending more time glued to the latest Olympic story instead of cutting boards and screwing screws.

I worked a bunch of extra time last week so that I could ask the boss for Friday afternoon off; no paid vacation days in this job!  The main project was to get the roof laid out and the braces for the firewood stacks attached.  Dad and I had to pick up a few materials then, under the careful eye of Forewoman Davies (aka Mum), we laid out the trusses and tightened it all up.  A few measuring errors later, we had a pretty good roof constructed.  The last steps now are to add the strapping and roofing material, a task that should only take an hour – if I can ever get to it!

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2 thoughts on “Woodshed – Phase IV

  1. Tim

    Hey, looking good. Let me know when you want to tackle the roof. I seem to keep missing the work parties. Talk to you soon Sus..

  2. Martin

    Thanks for giving me the chance to work with you Ben. it’s a pleasure to do that, and of course, we both benefitted from having the forewoman there to guide us. I think she saved us from making some costly errors.
    You did a brilliant job of handling the work crew, and keeping this spatially challenged helper involved. Of course, the end of the work day beer was a lovely touch too.
    It’s onwards (and upwards of course) towards the roof now Ben!

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