The Full Monty

Maybe three weeks ago, Josée asked me about adding another animal to our growing menagerie.  We talked about another dog, perhaps additional farm cats – even more chickens (see John 15:13).  Our long-term plan includes sheep and possibly beef cattle but more than likely that is a 2011 project.  Anyway, I figured that one more pet wouldn’t really make a huge difference; we have lots of space, we enjoy our pets and they have a good life with us.

A week or two passed and the subject wasn’t raised.  Early this week, I found a link in my inbox: “Pot-bellied pig looking for a good home”.  Strange, I thought, why would she send a link on this topic.  We planned to raise pigs for meat but to my knowledge I didn’t think pot-bellies were meat pigs.  I was right.

Monty, a 5 month old pot-bellied pig, lived in Victoria and as his owners were being asked to leave the home they were renting and could not find another pig-friendly abode, they had to put him up for adoption.  And the lucky winners are/were?  You guessed it; we now have a pig wandering around our house.

Surprisingly, I’ve quite taken to Monty.  He is very clean, house-trained, inquisitive and friendly.  He’s quite a smart pig too – IQ rates above most dogs!  Charlotte and Oliver, my brother’s kids, absolutely love him and I think he will become a nice friend for them over the years.  He lives up to his namesake, Bernard Montgomery, hero of El Alamein and massively decorated British veteran: bold, unafraid of Great Danes and Mastiffs (both of whom outweight him by 100 pounds) and not afraid to exert his personality.

Stay tuned for more Monty updates….

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3 thoughts on “The Full Monty

  1. sky

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I can’t wait to meet Monty…I always wanted a pot bellied pig.


  2. Pauline

    Ben, I think he’s great! However, you do know that before too long, you & Josee will have to move out the house into the pottery shed so that your pets can have room to roam.
    Just out of curiosity, does Monty eat bacon or is that classed as cannibalism? Just a thought?! Will you & Josee be put off eating bacon now?
    Whatever, he’s wonderful and totally suits your lifestyles & ideals.
    So, when is Larry the lamb coming & where will he sleep?

  3. Ben, I detect little grunts of pleasure from your post. I feel you may be warming to Monty already. He is cute! I like the way he follows you round and gets in your trotters.
    Will you have different thoughts running through your head when next we serve you a pork chop for dinner, or if your are offered a lovely sandwich filled with cold cuts from the pork roast? Will you chew less enthusiastically on the piece of crackling I give you?
    Perhaps you’ll be tempted into planting truffles (are truffles planted? I think they just grow underground don’t they) for Monty to find as part of his farm schooling.
    I hope he doesn’t make a pig of himself and eat you out of house and home.

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