And the answer is…

Many thanks to the nearly 60 people who came to our trivia night this past Saturday.  I think most everyone had a good time and we managed to raise just over $1300!  We tried to keep the event well organized and I think we succeeded.  We also learned a few things about how to run a trivia event and will incorporate those suggestions into the 2011 edition!

Josée and I are very appreciative of the support we had, both emotionally and financially.  Right now, I think our tally for our Ride to Conquer Cancer fund-raising efforts is about $5400 and we’re really happy with this figure.  Last year, the 1700 riders managed to raise about $7 million for cancer research and hopefully this year we will smash this figure.

Thanks again and stay tuned for updates!

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One thought on “And the answer is…

  1. Many thanks to you Ben and to Josée for putting on the night and for allowing us to be a part of it.
    Best wishes to you both for the ride itself.
    Love as always.

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