And we’re off…

Well, by the time you read this, we (hopefully) will be on the ferry, heading toward Vancouver.  Our first step is to find the bike check in location, somewhere around Guildford Mall in Surrey.  Once located, we’ll drop off our bikes, providing they pass muster!  We have a few ID tags with names and numbers that must be displayed on the bikes at all times.  I’m hoping the tags have GPS markers in them to locate me as a I crawl bloodied and exhausted into a ditch around kilometre 87.

Check-in complete, we’ll visit MEC as we can always find something we need.  We’re up at 5am Saturday morning so Friday night should consist of a massive plate of pasta followed as much rest as is humanly possible.  The opening ceremonies are around 7am Saturday morning and we’ve been told we should be on the road by about 8am.  Our lunch stop (assuming I (a) am allowed across the border and (b) actually make it to the rest station) is around kilometre 60 or so.  I’ve been informed we can stop for as long as we like, provided we finish the remaining 40km before 7pm, as a sweep vehicle will pick up stragglers at that time.

With the first 100km under our belts (er..spandex cycling shorts – illegal in most jurisdictions for a late 30s male carrying an extra 20lbs), our pit stop for the night is in Mt. Vernon, Washington, where a tent city has been set up in one of the downtown parks.  We are provided a meal followed by entertainment if one is so inclined.  I can say with certainty I will participate in the meal; the entertainment…hmmm, well, I feel I shall be in the land of Nod at an early hour.

Sunday we are up with the birds, with a 100km route mapped out from Mt. Vernon to Redmond.  I hope they tell us where to stop because I just might have enough energy to hit Eureka, Oregon.  Maybe a short detour to Boeing might be in order; I think the mother ship is based in Redmond.  Anyway, upon successful completion of the ride, we catch a 6pm shuttle back to Vancouver where we hotel it again (yes, with ferries and hotels it is turning into an expensive charity ride!) Sunday night, back to Comox Monday morning.

Well, that is the update for now.  I daresay I will write more on Monday although I may be incoherent due to the overdose of painkillers and ibuprofen I most certainly will require!

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3 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. Josee's Mom

    Bonne route à Ben et à Josée. Soyez prudents tous les deux.

  2. Hey you two…have a great time and we will look forward to the de-briefing (no, not the removal of Spandex) when you get back.

  3. dave b

    All the very best, you guys. May the rain stay away and the wind be at your backs!

    Dave and Julie

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