Racin’ Mason

Well, we did meet Mike Gillis, GM of the Canucks, on the Cancer Ride and he informed us that he would be re-signing Mason Raymond but actually this post is about our newest addition to the hobby-farm-in-the-works…our Mason Bees.  We have their house, er..hive, set up behind the side building, just adjacent to our orchard.  Mason bees are good little workers and as they don’t have honey to defend, they are very docile.  Mason bees received their moniker due to the fact that they use mud to make compartments within closed spaces.  They are not really social bees as they mostly live separately within a large group – if that makes sense.  I guess it is sort of like many people in big cities – isolated within a mass of humanity!  Masons don’t produce honey or wax but hopefully they’ll make our orchard rock!!

We added a few fruit trees this winter and they are doing well.  We now have about 12-14 fruit trees in our orchard, composed of a couple Italian plums, a new peach plum, some pears, multiple apples and cherry.  The flower set looks good so I think the mild weather and above average rainfall should help to produce a bumper crop!

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One thought on “Racin’ Mason

  1. Ah it does my heart good to read this Ben. I’m not trying to wax eloquent or deliver a stinging message, but just a few days ago I heard more bad news of the ever declining population of honey bees in this world. On Vancouver Island alone it’s estimated that we have dropped from 12,000 colonies to just 1,000 in a little over a year. It’s a huge crisis world-wide and it won’t be long before we see it being reflected in the price of fruit. So, while your Mason bee project isn’t going to help with the decline of the honeybee, it will help to pollinate your trees and perhaps those of the neighbours. Good on yer!
    Love you as always.

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