Flush of genius…

Another flushing success

As noted in past posts, in the next two to three years Josée and I hope to build a house on our property.  Our main aim is to build a self-sufficient, off-grid house, renewable house with a cost at par with or lower than conventional construction costs.  This might encourage builders and their clients to look at the options rather than settle for conventional construction methods.  Anyway, I’m always looking for new and interesting ideas to add into the house and I was reading this morning about the sink toilet.  Now before you have visions of kneeling before the porcelain god, washing away the stress of the day by dipping deep into the bowl of horrors, NO – the sink is used after the toilet and is a separate and distinct entity!!

The Mona Lisa of Toilets

Basically, the pictures show all you need to know.  Water used to wash your hands drains directly into the toilet cistern, with an overflow valve in case of OC handwashing.  Gray water from the sink is then used to flush the toilet, reducing clean water usage.  The toilets themselves have the dual flush system which further reduces water consumption.

In Japan, there are over 100 million of these toilets in use but they haven’t yet become mainstream in our “over-consuming, McMansion” North American society.  The dual flush system in our house works quite well but I think in our new place we might look at adding in these sink toilets.

Happy flushing…

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