Biggest Loser 2010

OK folks…the Biggest Loser 2010 is here. Last night, we had the 13 participants over for the weigh-in and we have two others interested in joining the contest. We’ll be doing weekly updates in the form of a chart which tracks the percentage weight lost for each contestant. We won’t use names nor will we use weights! The contest runs from now until 12 Dec 10 at which time we will have the final weigh-in to determine the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) who will receive cash prizes.  We’re planning to do something charitable as a group but more on that near Christmas.

Obviously every participant will win – getting healthy and feeling better is the ultimate prize. A little healthy competition, however, can help to make those winter workouts a bit more bearable. Some group members are planning group activities while others prefer to ‘go it alone’. Getting healthy, getting fit and feeling good isn’t easy so please feel free to add your supportive comments and cheers to these blog entries as everyone will read them!

Stay tuned for updates!

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4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser 2010

  1. Cynthia

    Congratulations to all those who have signed on to the challenge. Your body will thank you! I’ll have a few words with the one upstairs on your behalf. Blessings Cynthia

  2. Well good for you lot Ben. I wish you well and look forward to reading the accounts as they appear. Take care f yourself and enjoy all you do.

  3. Gretchen

    Awesome idea Ben! After Isaiah was born I did weight watchers (lost 40lbs) and doing the group meetings & weigh-ins each week really helped to keep me motivated & on task. While not for everyone I realize – it does help a lot to chat with people who are going through – or have gone through the same thing! Good luck to everyone!!

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