Bob’s New Abode – Stage 2

Over the weekend, Magnifico Construction and I managed to put together the first bay of Bob’s new abode.  After some mental acrobatics regarding post levels, spacing and anchors, we managed to get the first three uprights set, square and level in three dimensions!  We tied them into the ledger board with some strapping before figuring out the rafters which went up quickly.  Adding some cross supports tightened up the whole structure.  We had a little challenge trying to get the north end of the shed up and over the slope of the existing building but with the aid of three cantilevered braces cut at rough 45s we managed to get it supported.  Next step, adding the second bay.  Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Bob’s New Abode – Stage 2

  1. Tim

    Looks great Ben.Nice work

  2. Ah Ben! What a lovely time it has been working with you on this project. It reminded me of the wonderful time I had with Tim and Dick when we all built the addition to his house. Of course, a bonus is, that we still have all our fingers, and you are in one piece even though I have tried my damnedest to tip you off Bob’s bucket!
    Stay well and safe while I’m away. Come to think of it, you will be much safer while I am away. I look forward to seeing Bob’s new home completed when I get back.

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