Bob’s New Abode – Stage 3

Well, I’ve finally finished Bob’s new abode and got around to updating the blog with the final pictures.  Overall, it was a pretty good project and turned out as planned with a few minor glitches design modifications.  The only thing I really have left to do is find a way to store the augur and plow – perhaps a pulley system might be in order.  I managed to make use of the vertical space in the trailer bay, creating a couple platforms on which to store lumber and fenceposts; at least they will be dry.  Thanks again to the Magnifico Construction Co. for guidance and encouragement.  Here are some photos of the final stage.

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3 thoughts on “Bob’s New Abode – Stage 3

  1. Tim Davies

    Looks good Ben, I think we should put aside the larger
    projects and start on our trebuchets and catapults…

  2. Hi Ben,
    Bob looks snug and comfy in his new abode. I think you have done a marvellous job in your construction and I’m sure you will find away to deal with the attachments very soon. Don’t forget to shout when you need an extra pair of hands…then I’ll send Mum over!

  3. Josée

    Ah, so nice. You did a good job my little handyman! How about a greenhouse now?

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