Fire in the hole…

The workshops of Knight Rd. were humming this week as Foreman Wee Jock Poopong McSus and his trusty assistant Fats D set out to re-create some medieval mayhem.  Glue guns and sandpaper in hand, they cut and measured til the masterpieces were complete – scale models of a trebuchet and tension catapult.  The catapult was based on a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.  Both builders commented that their next plan is to create a larger, working edition of the trebuchet with an base length of perhaps three metres.  It will be used on the Knight Rd. farm to light bonfires by flinging burning balls of tar.  With parental permission, the builders may also offer it as a summer ride for small children although they will have to weigh less than 15k and be willing to travel unattached through the air at high speeds.

Below are a few pictures of the finished catapult.

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5 thoughts on “Fire in the hole…

  1. What will Grant your neighbour think if he has small children and Scottish Wives flying over his property? Be careful what you offer, for from my time working in the school district I have seen enough distraught parents to know your catapult may be overwhelmed with irate parents wishing to catapult their offspring over yon potato fields. There could also be a long line of husbands there too with wives in tow, with Bagger Dave in the lead.

  2. Tim Davies

    Nice post, did you not take pictures of the trebuchet? Perhaps you should add them in.

  3. Most impressive, Master Builder.

    I know you have a weight limit of 15 kilos at the moment, but do you have any plans of building a sturdier model? I have a small Scottish Wife I wish to dispose of…

    Dave B.

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