Boccé 2011 – advance notice I’m a little early but by popular demand!  Last year, I had close to a dozen teams say they wanted to attend the annual Boccé tourney but the two months notice I gave was not enough (go figure!).  So this year, I am nipping the problem in the bud by announcing the (tentative) date for the Third Annual Boccé Bash.  If everything goes according to plan, the tournament, BBQ and festivities will be held on Saturday, August 6th so mark your calendars now – no excuses…you have six months notice!

The next update will be late May / early June.  One thing to remember is that this year we will be increasing the number of teams but registration will be on a first pay, first in basis.  The 2010 edition was big – 32 teams and over $1200 in total prizes.  It is becoming a cult classic as well, even warranting a mention in the Record’s Year in Review.  The 2011 tourney promises to take a giant stride forward as we have a couple of corporate sponsors interested in ramping things up.  Speaking of which, if you own a company and want to get involved, please contact me for information.

Thanks for your interest, mark your calendars and go warm up your balls.

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4 thoughts on “Boccé 2011 – advance notice

  1. Paula

    so noted…can’t wait

  2. Marcie Dumais

    Abs and I are in for sure. Abs works until 3pm but I’m assuming it starts after that???? When do you usually get things going? For now mark us down as TEAM DUM-HOUL but we might come up with a better name. Cost? We’ll get money to you when you say the word. Cheers, M

    • We’ll probably be starting between 1-2pm; I think last year it was 2pm. We will work something out for you two – it would be great to have you here. PS…trivia dates changed to Mar 19th if that works better for Abs’ sched.

  3. Ah Ben! Six months notice should be adequate even for slugs like me. I will be there God willing with my beautiful partner, the Lady Cynthia. We shall work on the team name from now ’til then my lovely and come suitably attired for the festive event.
    Cheers, good fellow.

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