End of an Era…

Built in 1878 by John Fitzpatrick, a local landmark, the Lorne Hotel (oldest hotel in BC) just burned to the ground. I received a text this morning from the Big Mac Attack then walked by it when I got to work. According to rumour, the fire started around 1:00am and the hotel took no time to burn. Lots of good memories associated with the oldest hotel in BC;  where will the annual Boxing Day reunion be held now?  It’s going to be interesting to see what the fire chief determines is the cause of the fire.  Another Comox landmark up in smoke; remember the Edgewater!!

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6 thoughts on “End of an Era…

  1. Paula

    That really is sad. I remember going there after the bocce tourney – Josee and I still dressed as ducks…

  2. Joe and Kate Brooker were in the Lorne with their dad on Friday night – first time they’d been in there for ages. Just sayin’…


  3. Martin

    Wow! What a shame! Thanks for the note and the pics Ben. It will be interesting to see the outcome. I remember Al Pullin used to get the air filters from the Lorne when doing projects around health and smoking. God forbid that our lungs look like they did. I have lots of great memories of the Lorne too especially as a retreat for the Teacher’s ball team when we had the occasional game held in Comox.

  4. Oh, no!!! That’s so sad. I hope/am glad that no one was hurt, of course. The centre of Comox just got a huge amount lamer. 😦

    • I don’t know if anyone was hurt but from the buzz around the site this morning it didn’t seem like it. Wonder what will go up in the Lorne’s place?

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