Casting your vote…

With all the talk of elections, ridings, politicians and parties, I feel it difficult sometimes to figure out who stands for what and with which policies I align myself.  An interesting tool can be found by visiting Vote Compass (click here).  This interactive website, crafted by a group of political scientists, asks a series of about 20 questions on a wide range of topics from abortion to immigration to military spending to Quebec’s status in Canada.  It collates your answers then provides you an overall vote classification, allowing you to see with which party platform your answers most closely align.  Upon completion of the questionnaire, you can also delve into the background of each question and make modifications to your answers.  If nothing else, it is a non-partisan way to help you become a little more educated about how you will vote.  Now if they just had a similar tool for my hockey pool draft…

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3 thoughts on “Casting your vote…

  1. Cynthia

    Hi Ben,
    I checked against the Conservative and Liberal. I’m closer to the Liberal because they click the middle box more often than any other box. So if I’m ‘somewhat agree or disagree’ I’m still closer to the middle. Does this mean they don’t have strong views on anything??Blessings Mum

  2. Good job Ben. This was on the National last night and I also heard about it on the radio. It seems that over 400, 000 Canadians have used it so far and the number is rising. Thanks for putting it our way.

  3. It’s a really interesting tool, Martin. I was shocked at my result and realised how ill informed I was about the various parties’ policies. Still not going to change my voting intentions though – old habits die hard!

    Dave B.

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