Plan B…

Lester Brown

We’re all busy but please take the time to read this post and watch the video.

I’m sure a few of you know of Lester Brown.  I’ve read many of his books and think much of his critical thinking is of great value to society as a whole.  Eco-Economy, Plan B, Who Will Feed China – all are books which tackle tough subjects with surprisingly encouraging results.  Recently, Plan B was the focus of a PBS special, hosted by Matt Damon.  In short, Plan B is the alternate to Plan A which is ‘business as usual’ – over-population, over-spending, over-use of the Earth’s resources.

I managed to find a link which allowed for viewers outside the USA to watch the film; it is about 90 minutes long so grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back.  While you may feel depressed during the first hour or so of the show, you will feel inspired and energized during the last bit as Lester presents the Plan B options.  Enjoy and please feel free to post your comments.

Please click here to launch the video.

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2 thoughts on “Plan B…

  1. Cynthia

    This is a very thoughtful piece with no dramatics just facts and opinion. No-one could accuse this guy of scare-mongering and yet everything he says is very scary but the ending is encouraging. We can change – it’s been done before. Let’s do it!!
    Blessings Mum

  2. Martin

    Thanks for sending this our way Ben. It’s thought provoking and stimulating, and as LB says, we all need to get involved at whatever level we can.

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