Ch, ch, ch, changes…

For the last, well..forever, we’ve been running multiple businesses and doing computer and office work from the corner of a table in our spare room.  Whilst Josée was in California, I decided enough was enough – time to get some proper office space created.  The challenge was to make it clean and tidy whilst taking up a minimal amount of space.  Some time on the trusty Ikea website helped me find the perfect solution.  The table top desks are not attached so we can move them should we need; they balance on top of the storage towers.  The wall mounted shelves include six blue bins into which we can store a variety of items and the combination cork/whiteboard will be handy for notes and reminder.  I especially like the lights; $8 and they’re solar!  We’ve now got a great little space to work on our many projects!

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3 thoughts on “Ch, ch, ch, changes…

  1. Debbie Eddy

    You have to love the ability of creating a quick space with Ikea!! Good Job!!! Your pig in the blanket is not the same “pig in a blanket” that I know. Hahaha!

  2. Cynthia

    Looks great Ben and very functional. Where did the wood closet go? It should be fairly easy to keep clean and tidy also and I love the colour scheme.I’d like them to make the lights touch lamps next!!
    Blessings Mum

  3. Martin

    HIs’n her office spaces! Lovely! What more could you want? Even Monty and Julius give their approval.

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