Does mail matter?

With the postal labour disputes raging in Canada at present, I thought it might be interesting to see how important our mail system is to us.  Please click an answer in the poll below then you can compare your answers with others.  Remember the poll is just gauging your individual feelings regarding the mail service.  For instance, I never use the mail.  I use email and other digital media to communicate with friends and family and in my business life I use courier services as I find them less costly, more reliable and faster.  All of our bills arrive digitally and with the exception of flyers, junk mail and postcards from realtors telling me they’ve sold a house in my neighbourhood, my mailbox never has anything of value in it.  However, this is just me.  For some people, the mail system may still play an important and relevant role in their lives.  Take the poll – it’ll be interesting to see the results! 

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One thought on “Does mail matter?

  1. Interesting stuff Ben. I thought most people would choose the lower button.

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