Sportin’ the ‘stache….

MOVEMBER!  It’s here.  Are you in?

By now, most of you know about Movember (no, it isn’t a typo!).  Movember started in Australia and has now become a world-wide phenomenon whereby men sport mustaches for the month of November to raise funds and generate publicity for prostate cancer.  For those of you not sporting the ‘stache, are you planning to take the plunge and do something different this month?  Most of us know someone who has battled prostate cancer; let’s show them our support by participating.  I’m particularly impressed by how efficient Movember is as a fundraising organization (see chart).  For more information on Movember, please click here.  You can learn about the idea, participate, donate and also find local groups who are supporting the event.

I’m going to try a few different ‘staches throughout the month so stay tuned for picture updates.

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One thought on “Sportin’ the ‘stache….

  1. Martin

    These comments tend to grow on you.

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