RZIM in the Valley…

Michael Ramsden

Living in a ‘smallish’ town on an island means we’re off the beaten path when it comes to many top speakers but yesterday, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Michael Ramsden presentation at Isfeld Sr. Secondary, an event put on by the Comox Valley Band of Brothers and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.  The title of his presentation was Christianity: A Failed Hope?  Michael spoke to the crowd of about 500 for about 40 minutes before opening the floor to questions.  His logical and well-thought out exposition was easy to follow but very thought provoking.  The audience was a mix of people and some of the questions were very tough, addressing a few of the big issues such as why there is suffering in the world and how science and religion can mix.  My tiny brain is still trying to digest the material and it will probably take me a few days to mull it over but I certainly enjoyed listening to such a qualified speaker.  Apologetics is a very interesting field and the slogan of the evening was “helping the believer think and the thinker believe” – a nice phrase which I think sums up the evening!

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2 thoughts on “RZIM in the Valley…

  1. Mae

    Thank you Ben. I always enjoy hearing your opinions.
    See you on the 8’th


  2. Martin

    Michael Ramsden sure spoke well and handled the question period beautifully, along with Andy Bannister, another member of the RZIM ministry. I thought they were compassionate when members of the audience struggled to formulate questions. They also showed us great logic along with flashes of their obvious humour.
    It was a great evening. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

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