Where’s the rain?

A couple weeks ago, I was walking my dogs and noticed that my two ponds still were not joined.  Through the summer they are always divided by a land bridge but usually by mid-November we’ve had enough rain that the two become one.  This made me think that I could only remember two sou’easters coming through our place this fall which seemed unusual.  In fact, I couldn’t even remember the last time we had rain and the mountains which we see out our front window were remarkably barren; no rain = no snow.

I decided to do a little checking on the weather data, just out of curiosity (yes, I’m like that), and my suspicions were confirmed – we’re having an incredibly dry fall.  Check out my chart for the figures; we’ve had less than half the rain we normally get.  I guess that means January and February will be full on monsoon season.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the dry weather while you can!

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5 thoughts on “Where’s the rain?

  1. Lise

    I can say that here also in Quebec, suprisingly, we don’t have very much snow and this morning it was very nice outside. Of course not as warm as in Playa del Carmen but at least, there was no snow storm. Just hope it stays like that for the rest of the winter. I agree with Josee, Ben you are a bundle of knowledge.

  2. I wonder what the precipitation was for June, July and August? My guess is that it was appreciably higher than usual, so maybe it’s just swings and roundabouts?

    Nice picture of the hammock, Your back yard, I assume…

    Dave B.

  3. Josée

    You are such an interesting bundle of knowledge and surprises! Love you lots! JB

  4. Interesting that we’ve been below average all three months but very much below in December. I like the new format for your blog page Ben and the header picture is very sweet.
    Keep on blogging, I’m enjoying.

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