Ragged tooth re-surfaces…

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Many of you know I’ve always had a fascination with sharks, big ones in particular.  I’ve dived with a whale shark that was as big as a school bus (or so it seemed), been up close and personal with docile leopard and nurse sharks and admired the sleek beauty of gray and reef sharks.  Since I’ve been a kid, though, I’ve always wanted to get face to face with Carcharodon Carcharias – the Great White Shark.  Well, in October 2012 I will.

Last week, we booked with Shark Diver, from San Diego.  Josée and Dad are going to join me on the adventure; I couldn’t quite convince Mum!  We boat from San Diego to Isla Guadalupe, an island group 260km off the coast of Mexico the Baja and about 350km from port, and then spend four days there, in and out of the water with the whites.  It will be a fantastic trip and I’m sure I’ll gather lots of photos, videos and stories!  The clip below is from Shark Diver and provides a brief overview of the trip.  Stay tuned!

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One thought on “Ragged tooth re-surfaces…

  1. Sooner you than me, mate!

    Dave B.

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