A new hope

It’s a new beginning.  Most of us, I think, feel a bit energized at the start of a new year; fresh start, clean slate and all that.  I do anyway.  Many, consciously or otherwise, have goals and aspirations for the new year – need I even say resolutions.  I have to be careful though; I tend to have so much on the go, so many projects and activities, planned and unplanned that I need to heed the words of Socrates, ringing true over two millennia later: “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”  It’s true – how often do we just go, go, go.  Life is fast paced and hectic; we have our to-do lists and our places we just have to be.

So my first resolution for 2012 is to spend some time doing diddly squat each week; no reading, no work around here or at the office, no brainstorming up new ideas or developing new projects.  All of that is valuable and productive but for my peace of mind, I think I need to turn off and re-boot once a week.

My second resolution, one I instituted at the start of 2011, is to continue my diligence in trying to complete all my projects before taking on more.  I found I was asked to do more for clients, sit on this board or that, help with this website, review this business idea or build a fence at home – you get the idea.  Some of it was my own doing, some from outside influences.  I like having a checklist of things I’ve done and I don’t mind adding to it but when the ‘adds’ are multiplying thrice as speedily as the ‘checks’ it becomes demoralizing.  Yoda sums it up best in the clip.

What are your resolutions, goals or projects for 2012?

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