The Senator is dead…

The Senator is dead.  Monday in Florida a 3500 year old cypress tree, nicknamed the Senator, burned to the ground.  Maybe I’m being overly sentimental but I felt a bit sad about it; to think, surviving 3500 years of storms, natural pests like termites and woodpeckers, dodging humans with axes – it’s an amazing story.  3500 years ago, Minos and his Cretan empire was at its height, King Tut was still a couple hundred years from being born, Stonehenge was being constructed and the first sundial was invented.  Pretty much nothing we know in the world was as it is now.



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One thought on “The Senator is dead…

  1. Too bad Ben…it’s interesting to think about that tree and wonder just how much longer it would have lived if nothing had happened. Maybe we would be transported by being “beamed up” a la Star Trek, or maybe we would be having dinners which materialized from nowhere. Who knows. Anyway, another landmark is gone. Any reason for the fire…lightning etc? Thanks for posting.

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