The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase I)

Good fences make good neighbours; or is it good neighbours make good fences?  In our case, we’re not trying to keep our neighbours out but rather our pets in – safe and secure while we’re at work.  Our existing backyard fence was meant to be a temporary situation but as with many projects at the farm, priorities change with the demands of the day.  Well, the time has come – a fence upgrade is in order.

Bob and I contracted Manuel to come down for some assistance the other night, mostly to help with measuring but also to offer some perspective.  We had a good session and came up with the general plan of attack.  First off, was the side gate by the woodshed.  As you can see by the image of the front of our property, our plan is to create a second level of gating in order that we can open the front gate to parking.

Now onto Phase II – cleaning sod and setting posts!  The slideshow below shows the first steps of the side gate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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4 thoughts on “The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase I)

  1. jean hussey

    Looks like a huge project, but one Im sure you will master.
    lOve Jeanx

  2. Pauline

    Why does it look like your Dad is doing all the hard heavy work & you’re just driving your tractor? Hmmm!

  3. Senor, it is very good being able to work with you. I tink de project is very good one. I enjoy building with your money. Muchas gracias ….Manuel.

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