The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase IV)

Old fences removed, sod (er..) turfed and a rough grade finished, it was time to move to installing the first few fence posts.  Timber was provided by my friends at Dove Creek Lumber; we’ve got the fence posts as 6×6 Western Red Cedar, the windows as 2×4 and the rails – well, I haven’t finalized that decision yet.  The nice thing about our lumber is that it is all non-dimensional, rough and thick; a 2×4 is actually 2×4 and so on.

We started setting our fence lines using some batter boards I’d cut.  Apart from the pets moving the lines about a bit, we got things square which is a major achievement as nothing on this property is square.  We decided to square things off the house mostly, ignoring the side building as they work at slight odds to each other.  We came up with a fence design to keep as much of the view as possible, using lagged bolted 2×4 windows to create a sense of openess – at least, that is the theory on paper.  Manuel recruited another labourer, Jorge, who joined us for a few hours here and there; six hands are better than four.  Next phase – more fence posts and some windows!

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One thought on “The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase IV)

  1. tamara

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

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