The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase V)

Not much new to report in this phase; we’re just continuing the fence line across the top of the garden, moving on to the homeward leg down the driveway.  Following this, we’ll build the gates and take a look at some pergolas.  I’m thinking about adding some hanging baskets but I’m also going to plant some new vines.  Then it’s a re-grade of the driveway, adding a compass/sundial type of thing, a retaining wall around the silver birch and then an overhaul of the side building!

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3 thoughts on “The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase V)

  1. jean hussey

    DEar Ben,
    I think ,when its all done, it will be in competition with the Great Wall of China!
    lOve Jean x

  2. Tim

    Looks good Ben, I’ll be camping this weekend at the lake but when I get back if there’s more to be done I’d be glad to come by and lend a hand again.

  3. Looking good Meester Cartwright.

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