Salmon (shark) anyone?

I just returned from an epic adventure in Kyuquot Sound, north Vancouver Island, where my good friend Bud took me fishing on his fish boat.  I’ll do another post with some of the photos and a few details of the trip but for now, I wanted to get the video below online.  It was one of the definite highlights of the trip – Colin reeled in a salmon shark, probably about 5-6 feet long and we estimated maybe around 200-250 lbs.  It was exciting to see one so close but we were all happy when Bud got the hook out and we set him free.  Enjoy the video!


PS..if you want to watch a National Geographic video about salmon sharks, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Salmon (shark) anyone?

  1. Never mind Colin and Ben – those hats make you guys look like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men. If you don’t get the reference, just ask Martin.

    Excellent job, chaps!


  2. Tim

    Very cool video guys looks like you had a blast. Sus

  3. Wow! What a blast! You guys did well to hang on to that guy and manage to get the hook out. Kudos to Bud!

  4. colinjcunningham

    I think if you listen carefully I say, “the shark is getting tired”… great videography!

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