Take me to the Hilton…

Our chicken coop is affectionately known as the Hen Hilton.  Coined by Manuel one hot and dusty summer day, the nickname stuck, its usage directly proportionate to the size of the ongoing project.  Recently, my trustee helper and I decided to re-work the wire run, expanding it a little and re-setting the posts.  I was hooking up the augur to Bob when I remembered (somewhat unfortunately) the old house siding (kept because one just never knows when blue vinyl siding may come in handy) and thought now (why not – we never have much going on) might be time to re-fit the coop and clean up the original, rather dilapidated, Hen Hilton.

As with most renovations, it took on a life of its own, moving from quick siding job to include new fascia, a hand-crafted English Oak (er, West Coast cedar) door, enlarged and modernized run area, renovated kitchen cum eating area and some fancy white lattice to cap things off.  I hope these hens produce at accelerated pace – at this rate, we’re going to need to sell more eggs to pay for this project.  I’ll add a few more of the final completed look when I’m back at my desk!

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2 thoughts on “Take me to the Hilton…

  1. Lise

    Good job Martin and Ben. Please could you put aside 1 dozen of eggs each week for me.

  2. It’s been great fun Ben. Thanks for asking me to help. I have had a blast and it’s been much better than being cooped up.

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