Take a seat…

We have two beautiful ponds in the back, one of which remains full all year.  Surrounding the ponds are a variety of trees, some of which are quite big.  Last fall, we had a large alder partially drop so I decided to pull it out with Bob and buck it up before it fell on us.  After clearing an area, I decided to take part of the tree which wasn’t rotten and turn it into a bench; we now have a nice area, dappled with sunshine in the later afternoon, from which we can sit and watch our pond.  Now I just need a fishing pole now except the herons take care of most everything!

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4 thoughts on “Take a seat…

  1. corine salvail

    nice work Ben! looks great! Corine

  2. Jean Hussey

    Hi Ben, the list goes on is there nothing you cant turn your hand to? Cabinet maker, Lumberjack,
    Well done,
    Love Jean xx

  3. Lise


  4. Magic Ben! Can’t wait to try it! Love always. Dad

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