Old becomes new – well, sort of…



Starting off

Starting off

The side building at our house is like a rabbit warren, full of little rooms.  We have a pottery studio and a pet house in there along with some storage and my workshop.  The outside of the structure, however, is a dog’s breakfast of rotting tongue and groove, dripping fascia and decrepit water pipes.  While I wanted to clean it up a bit, I didn’t want to rebuild it or spend a lot of money so I just cut the bottoms off the rotting boards, added some cedar cladding from Dove Creek Timber, dropped a window in from my brother’s dump pile, trimmed everything and painted the fascia.  I added a box to cover in the tap manifold and built a few window boxes out of scrap for flower and herbs.  It’s a cheap fix and at least cleans things up for the time being.

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6 thoughts on “Old becomes new – well, sort of…

  1. Colleen Malek

    Colleen and Jim,
    Looks terrific. Love the colour and especially the flower boxes ( of course!). Next project…???!!

  2. Tim

    Looks good Ben.

  3. Lise

    Ben, I cannot believe my eyes. You’ve done such a beautiful job. You are so good and it looks so nice. BRAVO, you can be proud of yourself. I don’t know if Martin did the job with you but if so, you two make a very good team.

  4. Jean Hussey

    some transformation eh! Good show Ben.
    love Jean x

  5. It sure looks good Ben. Well done!

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