Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 6.05.58 PMI was reading an article last night about smoking rates in Canada and how the distribution varies across the land.  I remember spending a couple weeks in Quebec and it struck me how many people I saw smoking.  Now that I see the data (see graphic), I can understand why.  In 1966, 41% of Canadians 15 years or older were smoking; it’s dropped now to just under 20%.

What’s your history with smoking?

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One thought on “Smmmokin…..

  1. I clicked “Never Smoked” which is not strictly true. Around 9.10. or 11 years old, we waited for coal miners going home and followed them if they were smoking. We collected their butts and kept them in our Zube (throat lozenge) cans. One day Grandma caught me smokin’….that’s the day I quit!

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