Ahoy matey…

Well, I’m freshly back from my annual West Coast fishing / relaxing trip aboard the SS Tappitt, courtesy of good Capt. Bud.  Shipmates this year included the ever present first mate CC and a new sea salt, brought along in case of emergency, Dr. Albert.  We shipped out from Tahsis, bound for the Espinoza Channel which leads to the open sea of the West Coast.  Temps were in the low to mid 20s the whole time, beautiful weather but strong winds.  These winds actually led to some adventure on the high seas, including deft manoeuvring of the ship by Bud, gigantic waves swamping the deck and a few spilled cookies over the side.  Overall, it was a great trip, full of fishing, swimming, good food, lots of drinks and laughs.  Here’s to next year!

Here’s a video of the trip; you might want to fast forward the pictures of CC jumping off the boat as I couldn’t shorten them so it takes a long time for him to hit the water!

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3 thoughts on “Ahoy matey…

  1. Jean Hussey

    Looks as though you had a good time.
    Love Jean x

  2. Gorgeous scenery and some impressive sound bites. Initially, I understand the Russian judge awarded CC a 9.2 for his dive, but on further review it turned out to be a 2.9. Impressive balancing of the beer can by BD, too.


  3. Ahhhh…what a glorious sight to behold as CC flew through the air. Glad you survived “the suit” Ben. Enjoyed video. Thanks.

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