Honey of a time…

I’ve always liked bees.  They buzz around, seem happy to collect some pollen, make some nectar or honey and generally mind their own business.  They’re industrious and work cooperatively.  I don’t really know much about them so I decided to join the local beekeepers club here in the Valley.  My first meeting was on Tuesday at the Dove Creek Community Hall.  I reckon there were about 25 people at the meeting, all of whom were more than happy to share their experiences and insights into the world of beekeeping.  One guy had kept bees for over 60 years!  So my task this winter is to get a hive or two together and prepare it for some new bees, arriving probably early next spring.  Hopefully next fall, I’ve have a good population of bees and a few litres of honey on hand!

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6 thoughts on “Honey of a time…

  1. Lise

    Guess when I decide to go for a visit, It will probabley be during Winter.

  2. Sky

    That’s awesome Ben. I’ve always wanted to to learn about bee keeping. That’s a great project for you!!

  3. Jean Hussey

    Was this on your bucket list?
    Love Jean x

  4. Great Ben! I would love to come with you to the next one.

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