The first batch…

Several months ago, I bottled up some alcohol with some fruit and started a couple of plum liqueurs.  I was going to bottle it before Christmas but then as I was going to be away and unable to drink it, I thought I’d leave things to percolate for another month!  So today, I strained and bottled my plum brandy and rum.  It’s delicious!

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3 thoughts on “The first batch…

  1. Jean Hussey

    Looks good enough to drink. Reminds me of when we used to make Saki
    Love Jean x

  2. Cynthia Davies


  3. Lovely!

    1. I want the plums if you are done with them!
    2. Did you wipe the counter with a cloth or lick it?

    The stuff is very tasty. Thanks for ours Ben.

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