And so it begins…

11148789_10204723771680510_5477294508863731662_nFor the last four years, I’ve gathered photographs and ideas, jotted down pictures and book-marked websites, all in an effort to put some thought into our next big adventure – building a new house on the property.  It’s now time to put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard to CAD software) and start bringing this projection to life.

I plan to document things start to finish, successes and failures, trying times and exciting developments.  My Dad told me once that he heard it took three ‘builds’ to get what one wants in a house and I think that is often true.  I hope we can get it mostly right in one.

We have a few chief goals in this project.  I’ll outline more details as we go along but the overall project will:

  • suit our needs both now and well into our future
  • be built, as much as possible, by local people, using local, sustainable materials
  • feature alternate strategies (e.g. solar arrays, composting toilets, cistern systems, earth berms, drainpipe alternators, grey water treatment and recycling etc.)
  • be constructed at a price which will allow others to realize that an innovative, energy efficient house can be build without requiring a massive budget

It should be a fun project so stay tuned!



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