Shred the red…

A couple months ago, Josée and I joined a few friends for a quick jaunt to Sedona, a town in Northern Arizona.  We were going mountain biking in the famously beautiful red rock desert – hence, shred the red.  It was an amazing trip, full of great trails and lots of fun with our friends.  We will definitely go back.  The video below is a compilation of a bunch of my videos from various trails.  If you’re a biker, you might watch the whole video – if you’re not, feel free to skip through it!  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Shred the red…

  1. Tim

    Great video Ben, maybe we’ll get down there sometime.

  2. Cynthia Davies

    Wow I don’t know how you knew where to go. All the paths crisscrossed!, great scenery though. It looked dangerous but fun!

  3. A thrilling 19 minute trip with you Ben. I would have been on the ground many times, had my head removed or somersaulted over the ‘bars if I’d been with you. Cheers!

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