And we’re off…

I’m mainly doing these updates for those of you who aren’t local; if you’re here, just swing by for a visit and to check things out!

Well, at long last we’re about to start the house.  We had some major issues earlier this year which put us more than a few months behind schedule.  I certainly learned a lot about expectations and if we ever build another house these lessons will be invaluable.  The design journey was challenging.  Our finished design has few of the features I wanted in my original brief; it’s nothing like I envisioned but Josée and Craig (our builder) have assured me it will be a enjoyable house in which to live.

Craig had us do most of the project leg-work over the last couple months.  Wee really have enjoyed working with him so far.  Working sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with Desiree Barton (Modlux Interiors) we’ve picked out external colours and cladding, plumbing and lighting fixtures, interior colours, door styles and windows, appliances and host of other things.  We designed our kitchen with Marije Wagenmakers at Oak Hills and worked with Rob Howland at Colonial Countertops for various countertops.  I arranged services with Hydro and Vancouver Island Powerline; scheduled Drillwell from Duncan to put in the well and will have Ian McGill to service it.  Finally, I managed to put a driveway in, connect it to Knight Road with a culvert, excavate some ditching and rough in the hole for the house.  It’s been a productive few months.  In between house projects, Manuel, Manuelito and I put in about 400 metres of pencil pole fencing.  We’re not quite done but we should have that job licked in the next week or so.

I’m putting together another video of the driveway build and should have that finished shortly.  I can’t believe the transformation!  Before construction starts on Monday, I will put up three ‘camera’ posts from which I’m going to take some photos once or twice a week to track the progress.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it into a time lapse type of thing – who knows!


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4 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. Hi Ben! Enjoyed your blog. I am intrigued by your mum’s comment. What would the eggs be for?

  2. Exciting times Ben. I look forward to all that is to come.
    Love ya.

  3. Cynthia Davies

    Would like to come out this pm and say some prayers over the site and the workers that will come. I also need some eggs please!! Love Mum

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