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Daisy joined us late in 2012.  She’s part hound, part Dane/Mastiff and all love.  She loves Petal and Julius and has adapted to life on the farm famously.  She’s a puppy so after the tragedy of the last eight months, we hope she’ll be with us for many years.

Haven is our newest addition.  We rescued her when on our trip to Curaçao.  She fits right in with the family, loves mountain biking with Josée and playing at the beach.





























Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge…

**  RIP Petal – our little pink pig.  My heart is broken; we really loved this pig.  She left us Christmas 2018. [Our latest addition, completely by happenstance, is Petal, another pot-bellied pig, pink this time and smaller than Monty.  We rescued her in April 2012 when she was about five months old.  She is a delight to have around, lots of fun and very social.  I know people think we’re crazy but oh well!]

** RIP Julius – our orange Tabby; died young-ish, July 2018, some sort of stomach cancer type thing.  He was the best cat.

**  Not at RIP but a re-location:  May 2015 – two maniacs joined us at the farm; Toggenburg goats, brothers: we named them Ernie and Bert!!  We fostered them for about a year until they moved to Port Alberni to live with a big herd of alpacas and llamas – they’re much happier there!

**RIP Tegan – our beloved Neo Mastiff developed cancer and we had to put her down in April 2013.  We’ll never be the same.

** RIP Jack – our Great Dane.  Jack developed wobblers and eventually it was bad enough we had to put him to sleep April 2012.  He was a great dog but I don’t think ever fully recovered from the trauma of his youth. [Jack joined us at Thanksgiving 2008.  We rescued him from owners in Washington State.  A Great Dane, he is a big, goofy guy who loves to run around our place and chase airplanes!  Like Tegan, he is blue-gray in colour.  He is lots of fun!  Check out Jack’s heritage here.]

** RIP Monty – Our beloved little potbelly died January 2012, most probably from a blood disorder.  We sure loved him and will miss him.  [Our latest addition is Monty, a pink, gray and black pot-bellied pig.  Monty is very inquisitive and sure of himself.  He has made himself right at home and looks like he’ll get along just fine with our other pets.  Monty came from Texas originally but we rescued him from a situation in Victoria.  When he isn’t sleeping or eating, Monty is….well, actually he’s always sleeping or eating!]

** RIP Chloe – Josée’s first love, a black Great Dane.  Chloe died before we actually reached the farm but we remember her fondly.  She was a wonderful dog and lived to the ripe ol’ age of 13, ancient in Great Dane terms.

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